20 Benefits In Female Masturbation  

Masturbation is a healthy process which actually benefits human body in many ways until and unless he or she doesn’t try over the top.Many think masturbation is still a taboo, especially when a woman does that.If you are not ok with a woman who masturbates then you have no right to claim yourself as a human being leaving in this era of science.

Dear women, just go through these benefits, tell them proudly that you masturbate not just for $ pleasure but also for your own body and it’s health.Here are 20 benefits that a woman can get with masturbation.

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1) It reduces the loneliness.It doesn’t make you feel single although for some minutes.

2) It releases endorphins and Oxytocin.The release of these hormones make you feel pumped up and energetic.It reduces the laziness.3) Every women suffer from period cramps.Masturbation in periods helps in minimising the cramps and pains.It is a natural treatment in such circumstances.

4) Women often complain about not having orgasm.We, your body is in your control when you are masturbating.So, you can help yourself reach orgasm not just once, you can actually have multiple orgasms.

5) It helps you to know more about your genitals.It helps you to understand how sensitive they could be and how incredible they are in their own limits.

6) An orgasm can help you to sleep quickly and peacefully.It is a scientifically proved fact that masturbation or $, whatever brings an organasm will help human being to sleep.

7) We know that masturbation help men in fighting against prostate cancer.In the similar lines a woman can work for cervical health with masturbation.Masturbation promotes tenting that stretches and pulls cervical mucus.8) Masturbation also helps in flushing out any unfriendly bacteria or organisms that can cause infections in a woman’s vagina.The very same process of tenting moves fluid from cervix to the vagina and flushes it out.

9) A woman’s body witnesses many changes after she goes through Menopause.In this case masturbation can help you in boosting the blood flow and increasing the $ desire by preventing narrowing in lady parts.

10) Many researchers have proven this fact that female masturbation helps heart health and also controls and limits the risk factor of type 2 diabetes.It is proven that women who regularly experience orgasms have a greater resistance to coronary heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

11) Many women suffer with urinary tract infection which is UTI.This problem causes severe pain and irritation.However masturbation helps to flush out such bacteria which was responsible for UTI.

12) Haven’t you heard the proverb “practice makes man perfect”? Yes it does.Masturbation increases ability to reach orgasm.It makes you learn the process of getting an orgasm.13) Many researchers have also found that masturbation boosts up immunity.Since masturbation promotes healthy blood flow and healthy balance of hormones, it also increases the resistance power and healing power.

14) Don’t get surprised if we say female masturbation is also called as exercise It is because orgasm is actually a workout for your pelvic floor.Masturbation also strengths the vaginal muscle area.During orgasm the clitoris in engorges because of the increased blood pressure and respiration which is for seconds but beneficial.

15) You can explore your body, understand what it feels the best and what it doesn’t.So, masturbation helps to improve your $ life in many ways.You can figure out what you need with the help of self stimulation.

16) An orgasm releases endorphins , dopamine and oxytocin, the hormones which make you feel happy and better every time.Masturbation makes you happy and makes​ you smile.

17) Parts down there are more complex and more sensitive to be loved.Masturbation helps you to feel comfortable with your body.It makes you fall in love with your body and it’s parts.

18) Researchers have found that masturbation also helps in reducing migraine and other headaches.In addition, it also cures menopausal atophy pain.

19) Masturbation definitely increases libido.It helps you to feel more connected with $ and $ life.

It gives birth to certain desires which are $ in nature.Masturbation makes you a better $ person.

20) Every single has a dry period.It raises desperation and also disappointment.

Masturbation is a great way to release $ tension.It helps to satisfy the unsatisfied desires and makes us a calm and cool being.