2 Girls Attacked By Stray Dog, 7th Case This Yr In Lucknow

2 girls attacked by stray dog, 7th case this yr in Lucknow

Lucknow, June 8 : In the seventh such incident this year in Lucknow, two girls have been attacked by a stray dog in Wazirganj.

 2 Girls Attacked By Stray Dog, 7th Case This Yr In Lucknow-TeluguStop.com

The girls, Mishti Sonkar, 7, and Paridhi Sonkar, 9, were playing near their house when a pack of dogs surrounded them.

As they tried to escape, one of the dogs bit them on their leg.

They were administered first aid and taken to Balrampur Hospital.

Besides being given primary treatment, the girls were also administered anti-rabies vaccine since the dog that bit them died soon after.

“Stray dog menace is a serious problem there.We cannot do much about it.I hope the authorities will act to solve the problem,” said Paridhi’s father.

LMC’s chief veterinary officer Abhinav Verma said: “We have caught 13 stray dogs which have been taken to our exercise centre.We will keep them under observation and if we notice any abnormal behaviour, we will re-vaccinate them.

On January 7, Smriti Sakhya, 27, was attacked by strays near Srishti apartments in Gomti Nagar.

Two days later, strays attacked Shivangi Singh, 24, in Swapna Lok Colony of Lucknow’s Kamta area.

On January 30, a 40-year-old woman, Rohana Asif, was attacked while strolling in the evening.

Then on February 28, a 13-year-old boy, Raj Aryan, was attacked while playing on the lawn in Srishti Apartment.

A pack of stray canines allegedly attacked a 78-year-old retired principal Vinod Kumar Dixit in the Jankipuram area on April 28.


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