17-year Old Boy Rapes 21-year Old Model! His Friend Films It!  

Even before the city has digested the gruesome death in Disha’s case, rape attempts have been continued.In the latest incident, a 17-year old boy raped a 21-year old young woman, who is aspiring to be a model.Things did not stop here, the accused also asked his 19-year old friend to film the entire act.

17-year Old Boy Rapes 21-year Old Model! His Friend Films It!

Dwelling into the details, a 21-year old model is living in one of the hostels in Ameerpet neighborhood.

She developed a friendship with the hostel owner’s son, the 17-year old who is named as the accused.The model later shifted to Jubilee Hills after she was joined by her younger sister.

In the pretext of a regular visit, the accused visited her house along with her 19-year old friend Nikhil Reddy.

The accuser sexually abused her and asked his friend Nikhil Reddy to film the entire act.

He threatened the victim of dire consequences if she complains to the police.Taken back by the incident, the victim left to her home town and informed her parents.

The parents of the victim immediately approached the police.But the police initially refused to file the case and asked to change the complaint.

Only when the realized that the news has been leaked to media, they filed a rape case and arrested the accused and his friend.