15 Interesting Facts About Nipples  

* Women can get orgasm from nipple stimulation alone.It’s called Nipple-Gasm

* Nipples are seen in both male and female since every fetus in the womb is a female first

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* There is visible hair around nipple

* Nipples come in different shapes and different colours.They appear different from woman to woman

* Pregnancy makes nipples darker and bigger in women

* Some people have inverted nipples.Such people face difficulty in breastfeeding

* Irrespective of gender, everyone person is prone to get breast cancer.

Cancers cells may affect nipples even at initial stage

* Nipples in women may leak some fluid at times even when they are not in pregnancy

* Breast cancer patients, most of them will lose nipples in the surgery

* People with breast augmentation will lose some sensation in the nipples

* Nipples piercing wouldn’t heal any soon.It would take 6-8 months

* Some people are born with 3 nipples.

Extra nipples are called as supplementary nipples

* Nipple piercing could actually make the nipples look big in size

* A 32 year old man in India was found with 7 nipples

* Nipples become hard when women is horny and enjoying the $ex session.

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