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Young Heroine’s Sexual Relationship With Hero’s PRO

She is one of those starlets who is working hard to place herself in a notable position in Telugu Cinema. She started her career on a low profile but managed to make her name sound with the help of TV. Everything worked for her and she now has couple of interesting projects in pipeline. In addition, she would add extra weight to the basket with the help of an actor’s PRO.

Going by the grapevine in the industry, she is satisfying a young hero’s PR in all possible ways to have him as a helping hand. This PRO is using his name for constructing the career of this lady who is offering him happy nights regularly.

This young actress is a master of all industry tactics we know. Not just with a PRO, she even has sexual relationship with a happening director. Wonder how that hero would respond if he ever comes to know about this heroine and her acts with his PRO and director.

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