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Yikes – Toilet Cleaner In Pani Puri


We guess, you would never see pani puri as you used to after reading this weird story. On 6th February, Monday, a civil court in Ahmadabad premises has sentenced six months jail to a pani puri (gupchup) maker. You would wonder why on Earth a normal pani puri seller has to sit in jail for six months, what was his crime ?

It’s a flash back. It was 2009. This undisclosed guy was making pani puri in a street of Ahmadabad like any other day. His pani puri was tasting very different and odd. Few enthusiastic people spied on him to know what actually he is mixing in pani puri which made his pani puri taste that weird.

Bizzare sight, they caught him mixing toilet cleaner in the liquid which is poured in puri. A sight which can make one puke unintentionally. His pani puri samples were taken and a case was filed in 2009. After all these years, finally he is receiving punishment.

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