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Why This Hot Heroine Rejected Bigg Boss Offer ?

If you list down the starlets in T-Town, Shraddha Das will be one of the first names anyone would probably write. In years of her career, the hot actress has always struggled to place her in star league. All she got from the Telugu directors is glam doll image and glamourous roles. It’s the same everywhere she goes. Even in Bollywood, she did couple of films where she played only a glamorous girl.

Know what ? This glam doll was actually invited into Telugu Bigg Boss house. Along with Archana, Hariteja, Mumaith Khan and Deeksha Pant, Shraddha Das was also under consideration under female quota. But Shraddha couldn’t accept the offer. Nothing harsh from her side, she was just busy with commitments at that point of time.

Shraddha revealed that she had to let Bigg Boss offer go from her hands because of busy schedule. She was not in a position to afford three months for the show.

The starlet watches the biggest Telugu reality show regularly. In her words, NTR is an energetic host who is handling the show very well. Shraddha also added that she has grown fan girl feelings for NTR after seeing him as a host and she wants to share screen with the Young Tiger in near future.

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