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శృతిహాసన్ పరిస్థితి దారుణంగా తయారయ్యింది-Why Shruti Haasan’s Market Fell Down?

She is unarguably one of the hottest and beautiful ladies down south. If not great, she is decent to good actress for the record. She has been a part of couple of blockbusters. Then what on this green Earth is keeping Shruti Haasan away from the action?

Is is the success rate in recent past? Srimanthudu was her last blockbuster. Vedalam, a Tamil performed well but nothing goes to Shruti’s credit since she was just a glamour doll in the movie. Hasn’t Shruti Haasan signed movies which could match her reputation and class? Puli, Singham 3, Behan Hogi Teri etc are the culprits behind Shruti’s downfall. The debacle of Katamarayudu and heat over Shruti’s over weight added fuel to the fire. Right now, no filmmaker is showing interest to cast her.

Although few Kannada filmmakers tried to rope her in, Shruti Haasan doesn’t want to enter Kannada industry as of now since it would hurt her chances in big film industries like Hindi and Telugu. Her homeland Tamil is however looking a gone case. It would be harsh but Hindi, Telugu and Tamil, no industry is giving shelter to the actress. Her schedule is idle and empty. Who saw this coming so quickly?

Will she be managing a comeback? She has lost weight recently and back to fit and fine figure. Will get hardwork earn some fruits? Will Shruti finally a sign a movie after quitting Sanghamitra and sudden termination of Sabaash Naidu?

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