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నానబెట్టిన బాదాం పొద్దున్నే తింటే ఎన్ని లాభాలో-Why Should We Eat Soaked Badam/almond Every Morning

Who doesn’t like badam or almond? We do like to have it in a random sweet or in a festive Telugu dish. But the question is .. why should we eat almonds that rare ? They are meant for regular intake. They are an early morning blessing. Do you ask how ?

* Almonds, soaked are too good to start a day with. They contain Vitamin E, Omega 3 fatty acids, magnesium and Calcium. There is a bank of nutrients in Almonds.

* Soaked Almonds also contain Riboflavin, copper and manganese which jointly help you to stay energetic all day. The won’t allow you feel pale and dull in a day.

* Soaked Badam proteins, Vitamin E, mono staurated fats and potassium. This content is needful to cut down the risk of heart diseases and also heart attack.

* Vitamin C is a significant feature of Almond. There is plenty of Vitamin C in this nutrients full food, which automatically reduces the bad cholesterol in body. People, who are at risk of heart diseases, should and must take soaked almonds every day.

* Soaked Almonds also cut down the risk of colon cancer. Since it is also a fiber rich food, it eases the movement of food and prevents useless storage in the colon.

* If you want a better memory power and thinking power, then soaked Almonds are the buddies at your help. Riboflavin and L-carnitine are the elements that boost up your concentration power and thinking power.

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