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Watching Couples Have Sex Is His Job – Gets Paid Rs.66000

Kenneth Play, a man from New York can be considered as one of the most luckiest job holders in the world. As we heard the existence of “Love Guru”, this guy can be called as a “Sex Guru”. Technically, a sex coach. Wonder what this guy does for earning ? You will envy him definitely. He just watches couples having sex and advises them on sex life.

Didn’t get it ? A repeat, he is a sex coach. His job is to visit the houses of clients who approached him, watching them while having sex and based on his observations, he suggests the required improvements and lends useful tips for the betterment of sex life. Can you guess how much he gets paid for watching couples having sex directly and reviewing their act and suggesting tips ? 66,000 in Indian rupees for a session. In other words, Rs.66,000 for watching and reviewing one sex act. It’s true, this man and his job exists.

Kissing, foreplay techniques like cuddling, oral sex and intercourse and what not. Play explains everything about how the couples have to play with each other in the bed. He is now, the most sought after sex teacher in the world.

Kenneth wants to make sex education a common topic by making it free from taboo terms. “Make sex education as accessible as porn” he says. This sex teacher or coach has already worked for clients coming from 50 different countries. He made many sex lives better and the best by his vast sex knowledge. Now, don’t ask whether his teaching is theoretical or practical.

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