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Trisha Is Getting Prettier And Hot – Says Samantha

Don’t you feel surprised to know that Trisha made her cinema debut in the year 1999? We know what generally the span of a heroine’s career is. Trisha is one rare lady here who sustained for 18 long years. A couple of years will make her career two decade long. She is nearing 60 films. Above all these, even in her mid 30’s, she is dead drop gorgeous as ever and still the hottest in the southern town. Wow, just wow. This is so incredible that even her present contemporary Samantha is awestruck seeing Trisha’s glamour maintenance.

Samantha happened to see few of Trisha’s recent photos. The actress against the normality “a girl can never appreciate another girl’s beauty” praised Trisha will full heart. “Trisha, are you getting prettier or are you getting prettier, saw some new pics (with symbols suggesting “hotness”) Samantha tweeted mentioning Trisha. If a girl, an actress in special couldn’t stop herself from stating this, wonder how beautiful or hot Trisha was looking in those pictures. Poor men world can’t see those.

In other news, Trisha is currently busy shooting for 1818 and 96 in Tamil. Couple of her Tamil films are in pre production and a Malayalam film Hey Jude in under filming.

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