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Top Directors In Sex Affairs With Models ?

He is one of the most bankable filmmakers we have in the industry. Years of experience and countable hits to his side, this star director is still going good with his reputation. He holds an extra talent and that is his ability to woo the glamour dolls in Mumbai.

He is quite often to Mumbai for various reasons in random weeks. He, along with another Telugu filmmaker, spends most of his time in Mumbai with hot models and wannabe actresses. In a give and take relationship, these two filmmakers offer small to big roles in their works and take some romantic time from the models.

Both are married and both are rumoured to have extramarital affairs outside marriage. To be honest, they aren’t just rumours but truths that can be sketched on a stone. Surprisingly, they don’t even bother revealing their romantic life in Mumbai to their close friends. Well, this is the tinsel world is all about.

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