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రోజుకి కొంత చింతపండు తింటే ఆరోగ్యానికి ఈ 12 లాభాలుంటాయి

* In ayurvedic age people started using tamarind as a remedy for gastric and digestive problems.

* Tamarind can control bad cholesterol levels which is LDL. All thanks to MP accidents and phenols which contribute so much to the cardiovascular health.

* Tamarind consists of very healthy amount of Vitamin C. It provides good good enough Vitamin C and prevents deficiency.

* Tamarind is often treated as a natural blood purifier. It can detoxify the blood.

* Tamarind is termed as a bank of antioxidants. As much as antioxidants you take as less you are at the risk of cancer.

* Right from middle ages people have been using tamarind juice as a remedy for severe fever like jaundice.

* Play tamarind pulp regularly on your skin. It works as a natural exfoliating agent.

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