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ఇంట్లో నుంచే సంపాదించడానికి టాప్ 10 మార్గాలు -Top 10 Ways To Make Money From Home Online


#9. Creating apps:

If you have knowledge in programming, then you should totally start making applications and publish them on Google store. You should link your account with Google monetize, and you will get money from it each time someone clicks download or even leave some feedback for your app. If you don’t know programming, then this challenging point is definitely not for you, so move on!

#10 . Selling your knowledge online:

If you think you are very talented in a particular field, then why don’t you use it to earn some money from it? There are a lot of websites where you can share your knowledge and get paid for it. You need to have a good English proficiency and some talents in a specific field like biology, physics, writing, etc. You should check this website called enemy which pays you very high rates per lesson.

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