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టాప్ 10 తెలుగు శృంగారభరిత పాటలు-Top 10 Tollywood Romantic Songs

Don’t you think it was about time your crush noticed you? Well, maybe he won’t do it if you don’t take the first step, who knows for how long they have been waiting? Be that brave guy or girl and express your love to someone right now!

Romance is not always about red roses all around the floor or a cup of wine near the fireplace. It’s also about the lovely songs you choose to share with each other. We made a compilation of the most romantic songs in Tollywood, for you to share with your lover. Keep it simple, and maybe even try singing for the first time a line of these songs, even if you’re not a great singer, the gesture is all that matters to the love of your life. Try spicing up your life for a little bit by trying new things every day. This is one of them. Since the Telugu movie industry is always going towards romance and action films, there are a lot of loviedovie songs so let’s take a look at the most romantic Tollywood songs that you should hear at least once in your life.

#1. Mirchi Songs | IdedoBagundi:

It is one of the best songs in the Telugu movie industry. What makes this love song even more lovable are AnushkaShetty and Prabhas, the Tollywoodstars that will take your romance to another level. This is definitely the best heartwarming song to sing to someone tonight, if you’re feeling up for it, of course! IdedoBagundi writes the most romantic lines and lyrics in the whole Tollywood. Big up for this masterpiece!

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