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కలల గురించి మీరు నమ్మలేని 10 నిజాలు-Top 10 Fascinating Facts About Dreams

* Only if the person is in rapid eye movement sleep, he or she can really remember what happened in the dream. Otherwise more than 90% of the people don’t remember what happened in the dream.

* It is said that even toddlers aging 3 – 4 years can dream. But there is a surprise here, they won’t appear in their own dreams.

* Men or women both can get orgasms in dreams. In general they are called sexual dreams. Penis ejaculate and vagina becomes wet in sexual dreams.

* Unlike shown in movies people cannot remember the faces they have dreamt in dreams. Faces look very similar when you go into the process of filtration.

* Do you think that only human beings can dream? Well even animals can dream. A dog can dream as well as leopards can.

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