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Top 10 Crazy Tricks To Save MONEY


#9. Don’t waste your Rewards

Some people forget using their rewards which they get on each and every transaction done using the credit cards. If you use your credit cards for several transactions, then don’t forget to take advantage of the rewards. Most rewards can be redeemed for different goods, gift cards and even cash back. Hence, try to use your credit card for each and every payment like start buying groceries online, start recharging online, Also, don’t forget to pay the bill of your credit cards on time to save the late payment interest charges while still enjoying the reward points.

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మరికొన్ని ప్రత్యేక వార్తలు,చిట్కాలు,వీడియోలు, అరుదైన ఫోటోలు క్రింద చూసి చదవండి

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