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అత్యంత ఆకర్షితమైన వక్షోజాలు కలిగిన టాప్ 10 హీరోయిన్లు వీరేనంట-Top 10 Actresses With Most Attractive Breasts

#5) Margot Robbie :

Although they aren’t that big, Margot has a very loyal fan base which makes her stand tall in every poll. She has been repeatedly voted as someone with attractive breasts.

#4) Penelope Cruz :

We need not remind you. We have seen Penelope Cruz giving some sleepless nights with her semi nude scenes. She has really got an attractive pair. She was even placed at top for having the hottest cleavage.

#3) Eva Green :

Who can forget that topless scene in 300 – The Rise of an umpire. Even before that Eva displayed her two perky and big things in couple of movies.

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