The Secret Of Ram Charan To Be Revealed 3 months

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Don’t go any far and do not work with your grey matter. The heading is not about Ram Charan’s any person affair. It’s completely on his profession. The secrets are hidden in Ram Charan’s upcoming film Dhruva.

As you know, Dhruva is an official remake of Tamil film Thani Oruvan. It’s a remake but Surendar Reddy isn’t just copying and pasting everything. Apparently, a new track or concept has been written for the Telugu version. It is related to number 8 which has also been placed in the logo of Dhruva.

Going by the sources, there is some interesting secret or concept attached with the number 8 in the film, which wasn’t a part of original. Surendar Reddy has planned something new for the Telugu audience. Let’s wait and see how good it will be cooked.

In other news, the teaser of Dhruva will be screened in many theaters across Telugu states from this week. The film has been tentatively slated for December 2nd release.

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