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 Telugu Anchor Chitralekha Profile&Biography -Follow all Chitralekha Instant News,Videos,Galleries,Photos,Biography,Family Pics,Tweets and More..

Chitralekha anchor is popular host for tv shows and award/audio functions in Telugu. Chitralekha got popular with Maa Oori vanta Show.Chitralekha hosted lot of movie related functions like audio release functions , movie launch , Movie awards so on and she is also acted in movies like Parugu,Dammu etc.She has acted in the lead role in the film Mynavathi.Chitralekha has acted in the Telugu serial Nanna. Chitralekha Acted Movie List:Dammu,Parugu,Madatha Kaja
Chitralekha Profile Biography Bio Data:
Full Name:Chitralekha
Date of birth:
Native Place:
Martial Status:Not Married
Occupation:Actress,Anchor,TV Artist
Apoorva in Social Media:

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