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VJ Ravi is the popular young anchor and VJ in Telugu TV Show Something Special on Maa Music.VJ Ravi and co-host Lasya's Something Special is very popular in Telugu Youth..

Ravi's father worked in Army and After 12th standard, Ravi also joined the Army. Ravi left army after six months of training near Pune and completed degree, Ravi started career as a small time choreographer and taught people some dance moves for their sangeet parties. Ravi ended up meeting Nagarjuna, who encouraged him to get into the TV industry first, to learn the craft before pursuing career in acting. I think I am on the right track now and it's a magical feeling to be facing the camera every single day," Ravi admits.
Presently Ravi Anchoring for More TV Shows Such as One Show, Something Special on Maa, Dhee juniors on ETV, Family Circus on Zee Telugu etc. There's something special about Ravi and Lasya ,they host multiple TV Shows like Something Special on MAA Music,Ravi and Lasya are gearing up to host a new TV show named Mondi Mogudu Penki Pellam, which will be aired soon on Zee Telugu etc. Ravi clarified to popular meida TOI that they both are Not Married,Below is Ravi response for rumors about his marriage with Lasya: "I have heard plenty of rumours that Lasya and I are already married to each other and another rumour has it that we have a child, but we live separately," Ravi bursts out laughing, as he recalls all the 'preposterous' things he has heard after their show became popular. "We keep fighting all the time and I still remember Lasya used to complain about my condescending attitude in the beginning," Ravi says, adding, "Truth is,we are not a couple. We are just good friends." Before he can finish his sentence, Lasya butts in to add, "No. no. I would say we are best enemies.You can read complete Ravi Interview here  Read More.Ravi and Lasya also hosting Kiraak Comedy Show in Maa TV.
Ravi is so popular in social media,he got around 3Lakhs fans to his page,like Anchor Ravi facebook fan page Follow Anchor Ravi Facebook and stay tuned to Something Special Fame Anchor Ravi Latest Updates.
Ravi Biodata & Profile.
Name : Ravi
Date Of Birth/Age:
Acted TV Shows : Something Special on MAA Music,Mondi Mogudu Penki Pellam,Kiraak,Ali Talkies,One Show,Family Circus etc.
Facebook Id:

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