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Mirchi Pradeep(Machiraju Pradeep) is Most Popular and Loved TV Anchor,Pradip Started as RJ in Radio Mirchi and turned to Popular Male Anchor in Short Time,Pradip is from Hyderabad and studied in VIT and grew up in Ameerpet. Mirchi Pradeep(Machiraju Pradeep) is the most popular guy both for his fashion sense and comic talks.Pradeep has carved a niche on the small screen with his trademark fun and style.Pradeep is an engineering graduate from Vignan Institute of Technology, Pradeep began his career as an event promoter. His effervescence made him a RJ. He switched media when he got an offer in Local TV to host a dance show. He took up the offer and has never looked back.. “I had to visit happening places in the city and promote a product and was given Rs. 150 for it,” he recalls.
Pradeep Television Shows
Pradeep Darbar:Pradip is the first male anchor on the Telugu small screen to have a show after his name — Pradeep Darbar, inspired by Comedy Nights with Kapil. Gadasari Atta Sogasari Kodalu:Pradeep has anchored many reality shows, but the one that made him popular was Gadasari Atta Sogasari Kodalu, a game show where mothers-in-law compete with their daughters-in-law,A game is on between two groups of mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law. As you grimace and reach for the remote, you are surprised watching the scenes on the screen. There is fun all around as anchor Pradeep zooms on the sets of ‘Gadasari Atta Sogasari Kodalu’ on Zee Telugu with his trademark infectious energy.Gadasari Atta Sogasari Kodalu is a huge gamble which paid off for Pradeep. “Women’s game shows are hosted by women like Suma, Roja and Jhansi. I was a little apprehensive when I got the offer but I have always believed in being a shepherd and leading a group. So I took it up as a challenge,” he says.
Koncham Touch Lo Unte Chepta: ZEE TV Koncham Touch Lo Unte Chepta is show hosted by Pradip,In this show Pradip invites celebrity's and ask various questions related to personal life,habbits and movies etc.This show also became very popular in Telugu Audience in short time. Other Shows:
Pradeep also hosts Narthanasala (season 2) on E TV and has anchored shows like Dammu (Maa TV), Adurs (ETV) and Comedy Club and Nene No.1 on Zee Telugu
Pradeep Acted Movie List:Pradeep also made his tradmark felt in movies, playing minor characters.He acted in Movies like Attharintiki Daaredhi as Samantha's Brother,100% Love as Naga Chaitanya's friend and Julayi as Allu Arjun's friend,Manorama,Varudu etc.Presently Pradip is working for a movie called Guruvaram March 1 with Viva Fame Harsha and Anchor Ravi in leading roles.
Pradeep Awards List:Pradeep got prestigious Nandi Award for the Best TV Anchor/Host in 2010.Anchor Pradeep Profile Biography Bio Data:
Full Name:Machiraju Pradeep(Mirchi Pradeep)
Date of birth:
Education:EEE from Vignan Institute of Technology
Native Place:Hyderabad
Martial Status:Not Married
Occupation:Actor,TV Artist,Male Anchor
Anchor Pradeep in Social Media: Actor Pradeep is so popular in social network,Pradeep's official facebook page got over 4.6Lakhs fans as of Oct'2014 and He is active in facebook with daily updates,you can follow Anchor Pradeep in facebook page and Stay Tuned to Pradip Daily updates. Pradip is also active in Twitter,you can follow Pradip in
Stay Tuned to For More Updates about Anchor & Artist Pradeep Machiraju.

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    Pradeep Machiraju:Noel Sean's #LUVFever Video ..... superb my dear friend Good Luck :) [9days]

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    Pradeep Machiraju:RT @tamannaahspeaks: @ramsayz my first step towards #SwachhBharat , back road lokhandwala View Photo [11days]

    Pradeep Machiraju:RT @tamannaahspeaks: @ramsayz my first step towards #SwachhBharat , back road lokhandwala View Photo [11days]

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