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Venu Madhav is a Comedy Actor, Born on December 30, 1979 .He has acted in many movies in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam Languages. Venu Madhav Made her Debut in Sampradayam. He has acted as Hero in movies such as Hungama,Bhukailas and Premabhishekam.He acted in Maa Aayana Chanti Pilladu,Lady Bachelors, Master, Khatarnak,Jai Chiranjeeva,Happy,Gunde Jhallumandi,Ek Niranjan,Chatrapati,Body Guard, Brindaavanam, Athidi, Sontam,Seema Sastry,Pellaina Kothalo,Koncham Istam Koncham Kastam,Nuvve Nuvve,Tholi Prema, Mass, Sye,King ,Simha,Nuvvekaddunte Nenakkadunta.

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