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TDP MLA Warns To Release Roja’s Personal Videos

We have already reported about behavior of our politicians in Andhra Pradesh assembly. TDP MLA Bonda Uma comments caused huge uproar in assembly. Uma called Roja as aunty and termed her as iron leg.

While Uma’s remarks are in-house, the comments from YSR Congress MLA Roja at the press-meet are found to be more objectionable. Roja crossed all the limits and made severe allegations on AP CM Chandrababu’s son Nara Lokesh.

Government had released a video of YSR Congress MLA Roja behaving widely in Assembly.The video released by assembly officials shows Roja challenging and abusing TDP members ‘If they can kill her or rape her?’.

She further tried to show her chappal to a member.She said that Chandrababu son Lokesh eloped with her tuition teacher and made her pregnant.Roja also asked Bonda Uma how his son escaped criminal case in the accident case.

The verbal war between Uma and Roja continued till night as both attended for a debate in TV channel. Speaking at the debate TDP MLA Uma warned Roja saying he have all personal videos of the veteran actress and threatened to release them.

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