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Sreenu Vaitla Bags A New Crazy Project

Sreenu Vaitla is slowly coming out of the slump? Looks like something of that sort is happening around here. The star director, after delivering duds like Aagadu and Bruce Lee, faced severe criticism from critics for not being able to come out of his own comfort zone or habituated style of film making. Learnt from the lessons, Sreenu Vaitla recently dropped the first teaser of “Mister” which looked like a breath of fresh air coming from the director’s camp.

Nagarjuna, who kept Vaitla’s proposal to direct Nagachaitanya in hold for a long time now, got impressed with the teaser of Mister and called Sreenu Vaitla finally. According to the buzz in filmnagar, Sreenu Vaitla directing Nagachaitanya is almost certain now.

Under Annapurna Studios, Nagarjuna himself might producer this project. Cast and crew and other details will be announced with an official announcement.

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