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Spyder 30 Seconds Scene Leaked

Leakage and piracy are now integral parts of Telugu film industry. Probably, it is the only film industry in India where you have seen​ something like half film getting leaked before the release. Yes, we are talking about Pawan Kalyan’s Attharintiki Daaredi. The next big bunny of leakage was Baahubali. Even the biggest motion picture in India wasn’t safe. Months before the release of Baahubali – The Beginning, seconds of raw footage of war episode got leaked.

Even after taking measures, the part 2 couldn’t escape from the leakage either. Raw footage of Kunthala war episode, the trailer, interval scenes were also leaked on internet much before the planned release. What after that ? The entire film has been leaked.

Other side, Mahesh Babu’s Spyder is the latest victim of leakage. Apparently a 30 seconds raw footage of Spyder’s climax has got leaked today. As said, it’s a raw footage. Fortunately, the leaked scene isn’t giving any clue about the theme of the film. This is what we call “a blessing in disguise”.

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