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Which Senior Telugu Hero Asked This Heroine For Sex ?

Remember senior actress Kasthuri ? She did appear in some of the successful films like Annamaya, Nippu Ravva, Aakasa Veedhilo , Maa Aayana Bangaram etc playing the leading lady of heroes like Balakrishna, Nagarjuna, Jagapathi Babu and Rajasekhar. This senior lady has made a sensational allegation on one top Telugu senior hero.

Going with her statement in a recent interview in an English daily, Kasthuri was asked to participate in sex by a senior Telugu top hero. When she refused to do such favours, he started playing politics with her career and became a force in disturbing her professional life.

Kasthuri left a little clue about that hero, she acted only once with him. In her words, he has that ego and doesn’t like hearing a no from anyone. When Kasthuri said no to his demand of sleeping with him, he not just started treating her badly on the sets, but also forced two filmmakers to throw Kasthuri out of their projects.

As she said, she acted with that top hero only once. So, it’s not Nagarjuna as Kasthuri acted with him in Annamaya and also in Aakasa Veedhilo. That makes her target clear, keep guessing who is that top senior hero.

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