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Samantha Agreed For A Bed Room Scene With That Actor ?

We know Samantha as an actress first before we knew her as the future member of Akkineni Family. Samantha was doing what an actress does in Indian film industry. Apart from performance, she is that complete package who never hesitated to show the the glamorous side in her. She even did few to several kissing scenes in her movies and even after entering into a relationship with Nagachaitanya. Nothing changed much. Samantha is professional and Nagachaitanya and Nagarjuna understand that being a part of the same industry.

Nagachaitanya expressed his take on Samantha’s continuation in movies several times. The actor clearly stated that it is up to Samantha and only she can decided what to do and what not to do with her career. There was no question of Samantha quitting films but we thought that she would impose several restrictions on certain things. Like, she wouldn’t do skin show from here and she wouldn’t do any romantic scenes. But, we could be wrong.

It is rumoured that Samantha has agreed to perform in a romantic scene with Vijay in his upcoming film directed by Atlee. Is heard that it is a bed room romantic scene. Although the director hesitated to ask Samantha for this, she was okay with scene which was an inevitable part of the script.

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