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Reasons Why Men Should Give Oral Sex To Their Ladies

As said by many sexologists, women get lured and prepared for intercourse by foreplay. The most important technique in a foreplay is giving oral sex to the lady part, especially at clitoris. It’s gives an instant turn on and acts as a natural process for lubrication. Wonder why and how that happens ?

* Clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings, which is two times of what you find in penis. Oral sex connects 15,000 nerve endings on a whole, giving immense joy to the female.

* Sexologists have found that oral at clitoris is the most easiest way to bring a woman towards orgasm. In simple, it gives sexual pleasure like no other technique. In Greek, Clitoris is often termed as the key to orgasm.

* In a recent survey, 95℅ women stated that, they fantasize a man giving her oral sex down there.

* The combination of giving oral to vagina and going little upper side and handling clitoris is irresistible want of women. Literally, they cannot stop loving what you do.

* Even if you are not so experienced and has little knowledge about handling a woman in sex, just concentrate on clitoris as it is the most easiest way to make her arouse sexually.

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