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Ready To Quit Films : Pawan Kalyan

We already knew about this. Powerstar Pawan Kalyan will soon quit the movie world. There is no need of any guesses. We know he will. But for the first, here is an official word. The star has officially announced his retirement from movies. But not at this moment. He will soon leave the tinsel town to build a loyal cadre for his political party Janasena.

Lately at a meeting conducted in Ananthapur district, the star said that he is ready to stop making movies for the sake of Janasena. Responding to the criticism of “part-time politician and full time actor” Pawan questioned that if he is a part-time politician, then what about those people who spend most of the time in making money illegally and very less time for public issues, what they have to be called?

Reconfirming his full time political entry and quitting the movie world, Pawan stated ” I hold immense respect and love for film industry. But I would prefer serving people more than acting. So, I wouldn’t be bothered about leaving films”.

The Janasena President also reconfirmed that he will contest in he assembly elections from Ananthapur district.

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