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Ram’s Energy To Swallow ‘Kadali’?

‘Kadali’ means an ocean. Obviously, the Ocean has the capacity to swallow anything. It can even makes the entire Earth to be disappeared. Interestingly, this ‘Kadali’ is worrying about the energy of a young hero, as ‘Kadali’ feels the hero has the caliber to swallow even ‘Kadali’. And yes, we are just talking about two expected movies which are slated for release across the state on 1st February. They are energetic star ram’s ‘Ongole Gittha’ and great director Maniratnam’s ‘Kadali’. A glance of ram’s dances, fights and dialogues have already been seen in the trailers and the movie generated huge expectations among the masses.

On the other hand, Maniratnam has filmed ‘Kadali’ as technically a brilliant product. Veteran heroine Radha’s second daughter Tulasi is seen as the female lead of the movie. Some more interesting names such as Aravind swamy, Arjun and Lakshmi Manchu are associated with the movie. World top class musician AR Rehaman has composed the music of this film. We have to wait and see how well ‘Kadali’ sustains the heat of ‘Ongole Gittha’ at the box office.

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