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Ramcharan ‘Merupu’ To Release

Never mind, ‘Merupu’ was the project of ramcharan which should have actually released before ‘Rachcha.’ Due to some inaccuracies in the scripting of Dharani, producers have put the project on backburner thus paving the way for Sampat Nandi to help ‘Rachcha.’ Now, we hear that Mega family is anticipating to use this powerful title of ‘Merupu’ for the upcoming project of ramcharan that is ‘Zanjeer.’

Yes, there is a possibility of Telugu version of ‘Zanjeer’ to be titled as ‘Merupu.’ As the movie might easily connect to masses due to angry young police officer character of Cherry, definitely ‘Merupu’ would be an apt title, says majority of Fans. With release date of ‘Zanjeer’ fast approaching, wish that we will hear an official announcement on the title very soon. So, Cherry in a lightening title will be a treat for Fans.

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