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Rajinikanth Honor Trip To USA

Bowled by the Super Stardom of rajinikanth, here comes an invitation from Martin Omalley, the Governor of Maryland in USA to visit their state as a chief guest. There will be a honor trip of Rajini to USA to be finalized very soon. Reports say that Rajan, the Deputy Secretary of State for External Affairs has personally handed over the invitation to Rajini briefing about the state.

In the invitation, Omalley has praised rajinikanth for the successful journey in film industry for so many years. ‘We wish him good health and happiness with the unconditional support from his fans,’ he mentioned. Rajan said that, Rajini has enquired about welfare of Indians residing there in Maryland and also asked about various opportunities for Indians in America.

“I was humbled by Rajini’s humility. For a man who is popular across the globe, he is so simple. He made me feel comfortable with his kind gesture,’ Rajan said to media.

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