Pillalu Pidugulu Episode 12

Live Tweets & Pics

Surya 16m

Indiaglitz telu 25m

Smita 31m

Telugu movies 42m
    • Neha Dhupia:Wats cookin , goodlookin! @atulkasbekar ... They look absolutely stunning on u ... Now I want another one of these too @limeroadcom ?? [2mints]

      Smita:Remembering Sardar Patel, The Iron man. without him India would have remained in bits and pieces. #runforunity View Photo [4mints]

      Neha Dhupia:?@atulkasbekar: Given my general fascination wt John Lennon, @NehaDhupia n @LimeRoadcom sent me these! Imagine! ?? View Photo? ? [4mints]

      K Dorji:It may be difficult to stand by what is convenient- but it takes REAL GUTS to stand by what is Right. #Happiness #Bhutan #DashoBenji [12mints]

      K Dorji:RT @SriSri: If you are only a taker of happiness you get misery. If you are a giver of happiness you get joy and love. #Happiness #Service [16mints]

      Sanjjanaa galrani:Happy haloween ! Hahaha ??? View Photo [19mints]

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