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Pic Talk : Telugu Hottie’s Sun Bath In Bikini

Sun Bath is very much healthier and also beneficial for skin, if it is taken at a healthy temperature. No, this isn’t a biological essay, topic needs an introduction. Because Rashi Khanna is boosting up her beauty with sunbath. That is in Dubai with her besties.

Rashi is still in her new year trip with Bollywood actress Vaani Kapoor and her friend Zuebisha Gandhi. The girl gang is partying hard in Dubai resorts and hotels. At a pool side, taking warm from the sunshine, Rashi Khanna posted snaps wearing a yellow bikini in her Instagram account. Needless guess, the pics are going viral.

Rashi is currently busy with Gopichand’s Oxygen and couple of Tamil films. The actress is also under consideration for Ram Charan – Sukumar film.

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