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Pic Talk : Hotness Uncontrollable

Puri Jagannath rightly knows what is film industry material. That’s why he was able to introduce a spell bounding bomb like Sanjana Galrani to the industry. But she was unfortunate to not get attention despite of being starred in Prabhas starrer Bujjigadu. Now and then, few Kannada films gave her some light but nothing worked for the rise like a star actress.

But not to worry, photoshoots are serving the the timelines and eyes very often. In the latest photoshoot, the 27 year old hottie is looking irresistibly hot. The pop out of cleavage and added attraction of navel display will make your day. She is indeed a super hot lady. Isn’t she ?

After appearing in Dandupalyam 2 last year, the Kannada beauty is now busy with a Malayalam film called Badarul Muneer Husnul Jamal. Such a big name. Hope it gives an equally big success for the tantalising beauty.

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