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Pic Talk : Hot Bikini Treat From Telugu Actress

Remember Parvaty Melton ? Yeah, the same lady who entered into Telugu film industry with a rib tickling comedy “Vennela”. There after she did quite a few crazy projects alongside star heroes like Jalsa with Pawan Kalyan and Srimannrayana with Balakrishna.

But Pravaty failed to leave a mark as she was just treated as a glam doll and nothing more than that. Probably, her choice of films were bad. She left India and have almost vanished from our memories.

She is right now in St.Barths enjoying the beach fun in bikini. The beach bum has shared few of her recent beach party pics which already went viral in Instagram. That’s all because, we don’t often see a Telugu actress going this carefree with a bikini on beach.

Although Parvaty left films years ago, there is no single change in her physique. Indeed, she is even more hotter today.

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