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Pic Talk : Bikini Treat From The Hottie

Vaani Kapoor is not really an unknown face for Tollywood audience. She did her Telugu debut with 2014 release Aaha Kalyanam alongside Nani. The film didn’t taste big success and Vaani was back to Bollywood where she started her career. To her luck, she bagged a crazy project like Befikre, which stars Ranveer Singh in the male lead in the direction of Adithya Chopra.

The film has made good buzz right from the first look poster which had Ranveer and Vaani kissing each other. Few posters released after that too had the couple kissing. Is is rumoured that this film has a record number of 25+ kissing scenes.

A glimpse of what is coming was shown in the trailer which got released last night. Barring all the kissing scenes, the most attention gaining frame features Vaani Kapoor alone in a two piece bikini. Isn’t she looking hot as hell in this.

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