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Pic Talk: Anushka Exhibited Her Hot Thighs!

Plump assets heroines always whet the desires of males with their utmost flesh show. We’ve many thunder thigh girls in the glamour industry who maintained their assets in a way to pat on the males’ horses.

Today we’ve come back with a photo feature with thunder thigh girl Anushka Sharma. She is one actress who could steal the attention from other co-stars with just her screen presence.Usually, star heroines have limitations when it comes to skin show but Anushka has made her intention clear with a recent photo shoot to a leading magazine

This particular pose of the beauty highlights all of her landscapes and the teasing view of her thundering thighs that is something anyone would cherish for long. Cute looks and the sex appeal has been turning out to be a big advantage for this heroine. No stopping for Anushka as long as she maintains this bikini measurements and she is going to give her Bollywood counterparts a run for their money.

Anushka was recently in news for her love affair with cricketer Virat kohli.Declaring that there is nothing between them, time and again, Virat and Anushka always maintained that they were friends.

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