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Pakistani Hot Model Proposes Virat Kohli

Qandeel Baloch … We have been repeatedly hearing this name in recent times right ! This Pakistani model, in want of overnight attention went on proposing strip dance if Pakistan beats India in T20 World Cup. However, Pakistan was lost to India. Still, Qandeel Baloch offered a bikini dance for her fans.

After India’s Victory she bashed entire Pakistani team and even went on Shahid Afridi with unparliamentary usage of words. All off sudden , not just in Pakistan , but also in India, she has become a source for headlines.

After all this drama, Qandeel has changed her love from Afridi to Virat Kohli who steered India to the victory line. She even proposed Virat Kohli taking Twitter as platform.

Few felt it bold expression, few sent hatred messages .. Mixed responses from both India and Pakistan … One a whole, this Pakistani beauty is gaining what she wants …. Attention !

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