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Pic Talk : Oozing Hotness From Controversial Bikini Babe

Remember Sonarika Bhadoria ? Yes, of course the female lead in Nagashourya’s Jaadugadu and Manchu Vishnu’s Eedorakam Aadorakam. If you do remember her, you might even be aware of the controversial bikini posts from the actress on Instagram.

If you don’t, let us remind. Months ago, Sonarika made a series of bikini posts in her Instagram account. Many people reacted extremely to these posts as Sonarika is someone who played the role of Goddess Parvathi is a devotional serial called “Devo Ke Dev Mahadev”.

However, the actress didn’t give a damn at the extremism from the religious cults. Now, after a very long time, Sonarika has again posted a pic of her in bikini. As people say .. like a boss. Who cares that extremism, all men need to care is this oozing hotness.

On professional part, Sonarika is currently busy with Manchu Vishnu’s another film Sarada.

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