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Not Interested To See Prabhudeva

Each and every heroine who stands successful in South will look upon climbing high the lader to Bollywood. While there are enough calls for Anushka and nayanathara from Mumbai, these two glam dolls are showing no excitement. Very recently Nayan has received an inviation from Bollywood Baadshah Shah Rukh Khan to dance for an item song in his movie of ‘Chennai Express,’ directed by Rohit Shetty which also has Deepika Padukone doing the female lead.

However without any second thoughts, Nayan has declined the offer making clear that she has no interest on doing the item numbers in Bollywood. Inner sources say that, Nayan has strongly made her mind not to remain in any of those areas where Prabhudeva rules with his commands. In last few years, Prabhu has become in-demand director in Mumbai circles and entry of Nayan into Bollywood would obviously generate the friction. When Nayan is no way interested about Bollywood and Prabhudeva, there is no way she will accept even better offers than ‘Chennai Express.’

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