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ఇండియాకి వస్తున్న నోకియా మొబైల్స్ .. వాటి స్పెసిఫికేషన్స్ మరియు ధరల లిస్ట్-Nokia 6,5,3 Specifications And Prices In India

Finally, the wait is over. Nokia is coming back to India. The ex giant of mobile industry has announced it’s arrival into India with 3 smartphones and Nokia 3310. Expectedly, these 4 new range of Nokia phones will be available in India market from next month. Meanwhile, check the specifications and expected prices of these phones in India.

Model : Nokia 6
Price : 15,999 INR

Specifications :

Screen Size – 5.5 inches
Processor – Octa core 1.4 GHz
RAM – 3GB / 4GB Internal Memory – 32 GB (3GB) & 64GB (4GB)
Expandable – 256 GB
4G – YES
Battery – 3000 mAh
Camera – 16MP back & 8 MP front

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