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No, She Will Not Stop Exposing In Public

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A week before, actress Disha Patani was severely trolled or criticized for her dressing sense in public appearances. Especially, her cleavage exposure in Filmfare award function became talk of Bollywood, as it was allegedly disturbing the atmosphere of the function.

Couple of days ago, responding to the trolls and criticism, Disha Patani expressed her disappointment on the judgmental mentalities of the trollers and stated that it’s her choice to chose what to wear and it’s up to the decency of people to see her casually but not with any ill intentions.

Now, Disha is actually standing on her voice. The actress isn’t restricting herself to go glamourous in public appearances even now, even after so much discussion. It’s simple, she will never stop skin show in public and she will not stop wearing what she likes and comfortable with. Of course, it’s her choice.

But, having said that, we should term Disha as a merciless lady. How on earth, one could resist oneself from getting attracted to such a tantalizing beauty.

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