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No Buzz For Mahesh Family Hero

Unlike Mega Family, Mahesh Babu is someone who never forces things and acts like a power behind for actors in his family. For a record, he just comes to audio launch and nothing more than that. Sudheer Babu is independent and making a career on his efforts without any recommendations.

And now, another actor from the Ghattamaneni family, son of senior Actor Naresh, Nawin Vijayakrishna is making his debut tomorrow with a film titled “Nandini Nursing Home”. Irony, the film isn’t carrying buzz and bookings are pale even in Hyderabad. It has to be a miracle that could set a track for Nawin in the industry.

Puri Jagannath – Kalyan Ram’s ISM is hitting the screens tomorrow. It’s going to be too hard for the debut hero to gain some attention.

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