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New Charges List For Aadhar Services


The government of India has issued new statement mentioning the altered charge rates for various Aadhar Card services. The new charges are official and the citizens are expected to take services for the same rates instead of going with third party people where rates range above the official rates.

New Charges/rates for Aadhar Services

* Aadhar Enrollment – Free

* Mandatory biometric updates for children attaining the age of 5 or 15.

* Other Biometric updates – Rs.25

* Demographic, update name, Date of birth, Gender, address, Mobile number and Email – Rs.25

* Aadhar search & Black and white print out on A4 sheet – Rs.10

* Aadhar search & Colour print out on A4 sheet – Rs. 20

This information is collected from the statement of Unique Identification Authority of India, regional office, Chandigarh. For any queries and complaints regarding Aadhar, you can call to toll free number 1947.

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