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Nenu Local Total Worldwide Collections

Nenu Local worldwide collections

Nizam- 10.65 cr
Ceded- 3.84 cr
UA – 3.97 cr
East – 2.40 cr
West- 1.48 cr
Krishna- 2.01 cr
Guntur- 2.14 cr
Nellore – 0.86 cr

Telugu states total – 27.35 cr

Karnataka – 2.23 Cr
ROI – 0.40 Cr
USA – 3.26 Cr
ROW – 0.58 Cr

Total – 33.82 Cr

* Massive Blockbuster. Second biggest grosser in Nani’s career after Eega. Bhale Bhale Mogadivoy, Gentleman and Majnu follows the top 2.

* Third biggest grosser of the year as of now. Profits for all financially involved parties.

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