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Morphed Photos Of Pawan Kalyan And Foreign Lady

Spectulations raised about Pawan Kalyan relationship with a foreign lady when few photographs has leaked over internet.The photos clearly shows the lady resting her head on pawan shoulder.Many suspected that pawan has started a new live in relationship.

Many of Powerstar fans were really upset with the bad publicity against their actor for no reason.But it’s impossible to hide the reality and the real truth came out.The pictures The above picture clearly shows the difference between the original and the morphed one.

Morphing masters showed their total creativity to replace the unknown face with Pawan morphed one and hurted many of the Pawanism followers.Now all Pawan fans felt very happy by the revealed truth about their demi-god.

Yesterday we had published the same news and clearly mentioned it as rumour where the truth yet to be exposed.

Here is our yesterday words “ But for time being we had announced this as a rumor and please watch this space for more updates in coming days “

Now we feel proud to announce the news as unproved grapevine and providing the morphed pic as a proof

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