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Megastar Creates All Time Record

The crowned king of Telugu Cinema, Megastar Chiranjeevi is announcing his comeback in some style. His 150th, Khaidi No.150 is generating huge buzz in the trade circles. The film has already done all time second biggest theatrical business in East, standing next to Mahesh 23 and now in Uttharandhra, it has created a new record.

Previous record, Sardaar Gabbar Singh was sold for 7.20 cr in Uttharandhra (Vizag) and Khaidi No.150 has beaten the Pawan Kalyan starrer with some margin by pooling a record 7.70 cr from this territory. Interestingly, both the films have been bought by Kranthi Pictures.

Let’s wait and see for how many days this new record would last as both Baahubali-The Conclusion and Mahesh 23 haven’t completed their pre release business in Uttharandhra.

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