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Manchu Lakshmi Wants To Change Her Name To Akka

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If you are a social media fellow, you need no introduction of Manchu Lakshmi as “Akka”. The actress is popularly known as “Manchu Akka” in social media platforms. Call them trolls or pure fun, almost every random guy in Twitter and Facebook calls Lakshmi as Akka.

That’s okay with netizens since most of them are under aged when compared with Lakshmi. But what if an old man, with no teeth calls Lakshmi as Akka ? This hilarious incident happened, in Manchu Lakshmi’s own narration.

“I’m seriously contemplating to changing my name to AKKA after an old man(w no teeth) over the weekend called me that. akka thokka” Manchu Lakshmi shared the funny thing via her Twitter account.

Now the funnily vexed Manchu Lakshmi wants to change her name to “Akka”.

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